Winter is almost here but the weather has already begun to cool down. If you haven’t yet it’s time to get your home ready for the months ahead. Here are a few things you don’t want to forget when winterizing your home.

1. Have Your Home Systems Inspected & Tuned-Up

A proactive approach is the best way to minimize the likelihood of a winter weather home disaster. This means your seasonal checklist should include having your home systems inspected and tuned-up. This should include:

2. Test Your Indoor Humidity

Winter air can be extremely dry, irritating and drying out your skin, nose, throat, and lips. The goal is to keep your indoor air humidity at around 40%. Look for a humidifier with a built-in humidity sensor or purchase a portable humidity sensor so that you can measure, therefore control, the humidity in each room.

3. Indoor Air Quality

Unlike in spring and summer months, you won’t be opening up the windows and doors to let the cool air in. This means you must be more mindful of your indoor air quality. Winter is an excellent time to add an air purifier or two to your home. Plants help to cleanse the air of indoor toxins so aim to have 2 or 3 plants in each room. If you have a gas stove and oven, turn the fan on when you cook. Switch to green cleaning products, air fresheners, soy candles fragranced with pure essential oils, and green skincare products to minimize the number of unnecessary toxins released in the air. Be mindful of airflow when working with any type of solvents or chemicals for arts, crafts, and home repairs. With every new purchase, you make for your home be mindful of VOCs. 

4. Upgrade Your Window Treatments

Even with energy-efficient windows, your windows are one of the areas most susceptible to heat loss. Keep heat in by switching to blackout curtains. Even if you have your window treatments open during the day to enjoy the sunlight, closing them in the evenings and early mornings when temperatures are at their lowest will keep heat from escaping, and cold from getting in.

Here’s to keeping your home warm and healthy this winter!