If it feels like an increasing number of people in the DC area are talking about moving to Northern Virginia or that every time you walk through your neighborhood you see a few new faces—it’s because NoVA is growing at record rates. Here are a few reasons why our region is so desirable.

Easy Commute And Lots Of New Jobs

Depending on traffic the commute to DC is about an hour making our community the perfect hipsturbia or smaller community to raise your family. For spouses or those simply looking for a change of pace, our job market is thriving. Unemployment as of September 2019 is at 2%, the median average wage is more than double the national average at over $118,000, and there are a growing number of jobs across every field—including government and technology. With the current growth spurt, we are also a perfect area for entrepreneurs and small business owners—as commercial rents 33% less than the DC area.

Quality Education

We have outstanding schools in Loudoun and Fairfax county, ranked as some of the highest public high schools in the country. When it comes to secondary education we have almost 200 colleges, universities, and vocational schools to choose from—covering every area of study you can imagine. This of course includes the infamous Virginia Tech.

Diversity And Inclusion

Virginia is rich in US history. We were colonized in 1606, we’re home to many of our country’s visionaries, and you can find countless museums, historic houses, monuments, and historic parks. All are welcome as NoVA represents the rich diversity that makes the US such a wonderful country. Our secondary schools attract students from over 200 countries and our overall diversity of full-time residents comes in at around 44%. More than just a melting pot, residents enjoy art, cuisine, and culture from around the world.

The Perfect Balance

Although you may be looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, you don’t want to give up the amenities and activities you love. You want a safe place for your kids to play and somewhere you can maintain an active social life. There is always something to keep you busy in NoVA. From dining out to nightlife, art and entertainment, farmers markets, hiking, outdoor activities, family fun, and more. Virginia is also home to over 200 breweries, numerous wineries, local farms, and award-winning chefs.

Looking For A Home In Northern Virginia?

The team at Jerry Sardone Realty has served NoVA for over 50 years. We know our region inside and out and can help you find the ideal home in a community that meets all your needs. Reach out today to discuss your real estate options!