The holiday season is an exciting time of celebration with family and friends. You want your home to be beautiful, warm, and welcoming to the guests that visit over the next several weeks. Here are a few tips to get your home holiday ready.

  1. Now is the perfect time for a bit of deep cleaning including carpets, flooring, curtains, and walls. If it’s easier, hire a cleaning company.
  2. If it’s been a while consider applying a fresh coat of paint to your walls. No need to change the color, just freshen it up a bit.
  3. Wash the linens in the guest bedroom including the pillows. Also, consider purchasing new towels and sheets.
  4. Purchase a few guest-specific comforts of home—this might include bathrobes, slippers, toys for the kids, their preference in coffee or tea, favorite snacks, and more.
  5. Infuse your home with a few seasonal scents. If allergies are an issue use essential oil diffusers and essential oils hydrosols.
  6. Sort through your holiday decorations to determine any new decorations you might want to buy, both inside and outside of the house.
  7. Ensure your coat closet has plenty of room for guest’s coats. If space is tight, purchase a few plastic storage bins that you can use to temporarily store some of your belongings while family is in town. You could even store some items in your holiday containers.
  8. Invest in a boot or shoe mat to keep your floors dry when it’s raining and snowing out.
  9. Connect your holiday lighting to your smart lighting system to easily turn them on and off. Consider switching to LED lights that consume less energy and are cool to the touch.
  10. Plan your menu well ahead of time, cook and bake what you can in advance, and don’t be shy about asking loved ones to help.

Here’s to a happy holiday season!