While some real estate markets continue to ebb and flow Northern Virginia’s market is steadily on the rise. Many believe Millennial’s growing demand for hipsturbias is a large reason why. Not to be confused with hipsters, it’s about moving to a “hip” suburb.

What Is Hipsturbia?

While the Millennial generation is a mere 24 percent of the population it remains the fastest growing percentage of the buying market. Northern Virginia has long been a suburban area of choice for those who commute to DC Millennials who make the move have an entirely different set of expectations. This demographic born between 1981 and 1996 expects the best of both worlds, a safe place to raise their families with outstanding schools—but with the art, culture, and diversity of a larger city. It’s about settling down without settling for less.

What A Hipsturbia Looks Like

Millennials are often looking for more square footage than they had in the city but that doesn’t mean they are looking for a spacious yard. This is one of the many reasons why there are chic 1 to 4 bedroom condos and apartments in centralized areas of Northern Virginia. Buyers still need a vehicle for their daily commute, but most want their neighborhood to have at least a few key attractions within walking distance. This often includes a coffee shop, a few good restaurants, a park for the kids to play, a small grocery store, and maybe even a fitness studio.

Hipsturbia Benefits All

Millennials continue to shop in nationwide chains but they are a more conscious consumer base, who frequently supports locally owned businesses. This is also an innovative generation, many of whom are self-employed or serial entrepreneurs—which is why there is a spike in Millennial-owned businesses in Northern Virginia. This infusion of new consumers and new businesses benefits the entire community.

With a commute time of an hour or less depending on traffic and where in Northern Virginia you live—Millennials certainly aren’t the only ones moving to Loudoun and Fairfax county!

We’ll Help You Find Your Hipsturbia Home!

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