As the weather cools down outside you want your home to be a cozy place to relax and unwind. Here are a few ways to keep your home warm this winter.


Now is the time to consider upgrading your windows, doors, roof, siding, water heater, and home heating unit. This includes upgrading to energy-efficient options as well as keeping an eye on the lifespan of all home elements that play a role in keeping you warm. If you haven’t yet, install a smart thermostat that empowers you to control your heating and cooling remotely. This will ensure your home is warm when you get home from work and help to save energy when you aren’t home.


Proper maintenance of your HVAC system and water heater will drastically minimize the likelihood of unexpected failure. There is no need to perform this maintenance yourself as you can hire a local expert to perform your annual maintenance and as needed repairs. Winter weather home maintenance includes replacing the weather stripping on windows and doors, repairing cracks, and sealing ductwork.


Your basement, attic, pipes, water heater, walls, and floors are just a few places that you may want to improve your insulation. If you have beautiful wood flooring consider adding a few strategically placed area rugs and runner to warm up the floors. Area rugs can also help to reduce noise from one floor to the next.

Get Cozy

In addition to upgrading and maintaining your home systems, get cozy! Invest in snuggly throw blankets, buy some wood for your fireplace, invest in an electric fireplace, find some cute warm socks or slippers—and even a cozy bathrobe. This will keep you warm at home without needing to crank up the heat all the time.

Virginia winters are cold so be sure to layer when you head outside!