Looking For Your First Commercial Rental In Fairfax County

If you have outgrown your home office or are launching a startup, finding the perfect office space is a top priority. Here are just a few things to consider when looking for your first commercial rental in Fairfax or Loudoun County.

Location, Location, Location

Beyond the county or city you want to operate in your business needs to be conveniently located for both your employees and your clients. The more daily traffic you expect from clients the more important your location. Also, consider factors such as parking and amenities for your staff and guests.

How Much Space Is Required?

How much space you require will depend on the type of business you run but is usually between 100 to 250 square feet per person. Think in terms of how many offices you require, but also the layout, number of bathrooms, storage space, and if a break room or kitchen is required. For example, do you need a large or small reception area? Do you need a conference room? The more square footage the more you will pay, so balance leaving a bit of room to grow without having too much extra space. If you find a larger space in the perfect location, consider renting out an office or two as a coworking arrangement.

Why Do I Need A Realtor For A Commercial Rental?

If you have never rented a commercial space before you may be surprised to find that many landlords require more than a 12-month commitment, and often several months rent as a security deposit. Working with a realtor helps to ensure you understand all the details of your commercial lease, such as what utilities and amenities you are responsible for, what tenant improvements you can make, what ongoing maintenance you are responsible for, the type of liability insurance you need, negotiating what move-in-ready looks like, access to shared spaces in commercial complexes, parking, and more. 

Ready To Rent Or Buy A Commercial Space In Fairfax Or Loudoun County?

If you are ready to lease your first commercial space, upgrade to a larger space, or purchase a commercial building the team at Jerry Sardone Realty is here to assist. We work as your personal guide to ensure that your space meets your goals in terms of location, budget, amenities, and logistics. Reach out today to learn more!