Whether you have outgrown your starter home or are simply ready to settle in and make NoVA your forever home—you want to make sure the home you choose will meet both your short-term and long-term needs. These tips will help!

Your Essentials List

Start by creating a list of the essentials you need every home you look at to have. This includes the design aesthetic, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you require, a one or two-car garage, the size of the yard, and location related factors such as the school district it is in and the proximity to work and the areas of town you frequent most. It may also include energy efficient upgrades.

Your Nice To Have List

The nice to haves are the secondary priorities that may be the deciding point between two similar homes. Nice to haves are almost always things you can remodel or add after you move in, so they don’t have to be a top priority. This might include a sunroom, swimming pool, large patio or porch, a pre-existing garden, or built-in smart home features.

Assessing Your Long-Term Needs

The challenge with assessing your long-term needs is that you can’t be 100 percent sure of what they are. Play it safe by leaving a bit of room to grow. This might be one more bedroom than you require or an attic or basement that you can convert into an additional functioning space. For example, at some point you may require a home office, art room, guest room, study, or space for your parents to move in. If your home is two or three stories, it is wise to ensure there is at least one bedroom and full bathroom downstairs.


Your home is more than just a place to make your own, but your largest financial investment. This means you must consider how desirable your home and location are in terms of saleability. The real estate market is in constant flux, but look at how homes in the area have gain in value over the last few decades. Also consider factors such as if your home is in a mixed-use space or if you have excess land you can sell if you have an unexpected need for cash.

The Team At Jerry Sardone Realty Is Here To Help!

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