In a perfect world, your move-in date would perfectly coincide with your move-out date, but we don’t live in a perfect world. Here are a few short-term living solutions if your home sells before you find a new home, or if you have just moved to Fairfax or Loudoun County and are looking to buy.

Short-Term Rentals Are On The Rise

Between Airbnb, furnished corporate apartments, long-term stay hotels, and vacation rental properties you can find a furnished place to live for a few months while you house hunt. These options often cost more than the average rent but are a way around signing a year-long lease while you look for your dream home.

Short-Term Leases

The short-term options above are great but may not work if you have kids and/or pets. While most landlords are looking for a 12-month commitment, you can find a few that are open to 3, 6, or even month-to-month leases. These options may not be furnished, which means you can bring your own things with you—making your short-term place feel more like home. Also, keep your eye out for sublets as there may be someone local who is looking to get out of their lease before it expires.

Alternative Storage Options

Whether you rent a furnished or unfurnished you may not be able to bring everything with you. Not to worry, as modern storage options are impressive. If you are moving from the DC area or any of the cities serviced by MakeSpace, you can store packable items—and have them shipped to you when you are ready. For furniture, larger items, and entire households you can utilize storage containers that you pack, store, and have shipped or delivered once you find your new home. And there is of course always traditional storage facilities.

Rented Furniture

If you end up in an unfurnished short-term space you may not want to invest in new furniture, either because you already have what you need in storage—or because there is no way to tell if it will fit in your new space too. Not to worry as you can rent the furniture you need for your temporary living space. In fact, renting furniture is a fast-growing trend for homeowners too. The options are modern and luxurious and you can find something for every interior design aesthetic.

While moving twice in one year is stressful the tips above will make your moves easier!

We Can Help You Find Your Dream Home In NoVA

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