If you live in the home you are selling your realtor will provide you with tips for depersonalizing,  organizing and staging your home. This often includes rearranging or removing furniture and home accessories. But you might be wondering if you need to stage your empty NoVA home? Here’s what you need to know.

Staging Is Always Better

When a room is empty there is more for buyers to take into consideration, both when viewing online and in person. While the design aesthetic may not be what the buyer would choose it helps buyers envision how each room in a house can be laid out. Empty rooms also look smaller so staging highlights the full functionality of every room. Studies show that when buyers compare two empty homes the staged home is always more memorable, even when the empty home has everything they desire.

Where To Start

Statistics vary by housing market but staging your home is one way to make a property more desirable, and therefore speed up the selling process—as much as 73% faster. The first step is to find a qualified realtor to come and assess your home. Then, they will reach out to their preferred interior designer or home staging expert. While you might be tempted to go it alone, your realtor has a better idea of what buyers are looking for, and knows how to communicate that to the home staging company.

Staging For Rental Units, Multi-Family Buildings, And Commercial Spaces

Staging isn’t just for traditional houses and while there is an investment in staging, you can include the furniture as an upsell. Or you can at least recoup some of your money by selling or donating your staged items. That being said, not all properties need to be staged.

  • Rental units don’t have to be staged as most will be showed during the last month or so of the current tenant’s lease. Always hope that the tenant will make their home or apartment look its best, but there are no guarantees. If the rental is part of a new construction apartment building consider creating a furnished show unit for each layout. This will speed up the rate at which the building fills up.
  • Multi-family buildings with townhouses or condominiums should have one furnished show unit for each layout until all units sell. If you will have on-sight property management you can keep one unit as a semi-furnished office and showroom.
  • Commercial units typically aren’t staged as the needs of the renter or buyer are so diverse. Instead you want to ensure the space is sparkling clean and that the walls, paint, windows, and light fixtures look like new. If the space has a designated lobby area, you might do a mini stage in the entryway.  

Ready To Sell Your NoVA Home?

Staging is one of the many foundational elements the team at Jerry Sardone Realty can assist with. Let’s first meet at our office or in your home to talk through the selling process!