After a chilly winter of spending more time indoors than we might like the spring sunbeams come shining in inspiring us to clean and organize. Here is what to consider to ensure your NoVA home looks its best.

Why Do We Spring Clean?

When homes were heated by fireplaces and wood ovens, we had to spring clean to remove the soot that accumulated during the winter months. While soot is no longer a problem spring is still the perfect time to deep clean.

Start With The Closets

You’ll soon need to pack away your winter clothes, or at least move your spring and summer clothing to the more prominent areas of you closet. This makes now the perfect time to decide which fall and winter items are too worn to wear again next year. It will be a bit of a mess but take everything out of your closet and drawers to sort through your year-round options—letting go of items that no longer fit, are out of style, or that don’t bring you the joy they once did.

All The Nooks And Crannies

Go through your home one room at a time deep cleaning and reorganizing each living space. Now is the time to move and clean underneath furniture, dust the top shelves, remove the cobwebs in the corners, and rethink every item in each room. It will take time so pace yourself and remember that it might get worse before it gets better.

Reorganize Your Home

As you work your way through what you want to keep you may find that your home is not as organized as it could be. Whether your home is large or small there is always a way to better maximize your space. As you see areas that have room to improvement hop online in search of area or item-specific organizational tools. Also, stroll the isles of Home Depot, Ikea, Target, and the Container Store as you may be surprised at the solutions you never knew existed.

Spring Maintenance Checklist

Your initial focus may be to declutter, organize and deep clean—but don’t forget the ongoing maintenance required to maintain the value in your home. Seasonal maintenance checklists are a must, as they are a proactive approach to minimizing your house repairs by calling your attention to problem areas before they become major problems. Head here for a detailed Spring Maintenance Checklist.

Enjoy the beautiful spring weather!