You’ve been saving up for your down payment for years. Now that you have found the perfect home you are likely to end up spending a bit more than you had initially planned. This goes beyond the lumped fees for closing costs, homeowner’s insurance and appraisal and lending fees—and beyond the cost of your inspector. Here the hidden costs of buying a home that you should be budgeting for.


There was sure to be full appliances when you viewed your home but don’t be shocked if the sellers take their appliances with—and be sure to ask what they are leaving behind. Even if they leave appliances in the home you may find that you don’t like all of them. Maybe the dishwasher is older than it looks, the dryer doesn’t get your clothing all the way dry, or one of your appliances is broken. Factors like these can lead to several unexpected expenses.

Home Furniture And Accessories

If you are moving from a smaller home or apartment into a larger home, then you will need more furniture to fill your home. Even if the square footage is similar some pieces may not fit your new layout. Another costly decorative and functional expense that may not come with your new home is window treatments.


Be sure to ask if potted plants, the garden, and trees and shrubs will be left behind. Even if the yard looks like it did when you purchased it you are likely to be inspired to make a few personal touches—which can quickly add up. Don’t forget the expense of investing in outdoor furniture.

Entertainment, Technology, And Utilities

If your new home is larger than your former your energy, heating, and cooling costs will increase. Now that you are in your own home you may also want to invest in home security, a personal IoT, or green technology. In addition, you may find that your home is not set up for your preferred method of digital entertainment. For example, you may be used to cable but the home is only set up for a dish. If you still want cable you will need to have it installed.

Last but certainly not least, there will be inevitable home improvements. From interior painting, new carpets, improved closets, to functional maintenance and repairs—there can be many unexpected costs of purchasing a home.

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