While the dream was once to buy the biggest most beautiful home that you could afford, a growing lifestyle and real estate trend is to live more with less. Here are the pros of downsizing your home.

More Money

A smaller home or condominium has a lower mortgage payment, lower property taxes, and as long as energy efficient upgrades are in place should cost less to heat. The money you save can be invested any way you like—retirement savings, kid’s college fund, travel, social life, hobbies, and more.

More Time

The less square footage you have the faster and easier it is to clean and maintain, both inside and out. They key to success when moving to a smaller home is to downsize your belongings and invest in home organizational tools that maximize your smaller space.

Decreased Consumption

If part of your reason for downsizing is to green your lifestyle, living in a smaller home will help you to be more mindful about what you purchase. With less space you will have to embrace a minimalist approach to shopping, in which everything has value, purpose, and brings you joy.

Less Stress

With lower monthly expenses and more time you will instantly reduce your level of stress. Without a doubt living smaller will have an adjustment period, which is why you must identify a way to make your new and smaller home work for everyone in the family—including your furbabies.

Need Help Finding A Smaller NoVA Home?

Downsizing certainly doesn’t have to result in deprivation. It might mean moving from a multi-level home to a 1 story house that is easier to navigate. Or trading in your 4 or 5 bedrooms for 2 or 3 bedrooms. It’s about finding everything you need with less square footage. If you are ready to downsize, we invite you to reach out to the team at Jerry Sardone Realty today to discuss your new lifestyle goals.