There is a hot new trend in luxury real estate in large cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York—white-boxing. This is the process of stripping a home before you place it on the market providing buyers with a clean slate to design the home of their dreams.

What Are The Benefits Of A White-Boxed Property

It might sound counterproductive, but most buyers who invest in multi-million dollar luxury properties plan to remodel to make it their own. By stripping the home first it is easier for buyers to envision the home as their own. While remodeling is required it’s faster than building from scratch and easier than stripping a complete home.

Should You White-Box Your Home?

Still a new trend, but for the overwhelming majority of sellers, the answer is no. If your home is on the market for multi-millions and has an added draw in terms of location or view, then it’s something to discuss with your realtor.

What Are The Downsides Of White-Boxing?

Not all buyers are visionaries, so even if they plan to remodel they may not know what to think of a stripped space—they’ll leave that to their architect. That is why there must be some other major draw to the home such as location or view. Since the home needs to be redesigned and remodeled buyers will need at least a year before they can move in.

Most Buyers Want A Move-In Ready Home

While there’s a lot of chatter about the new trend of stripping homes, approximately 70% of buyers want move-in ready houses. Even if looking for a fixer-upper, most buyers want a home that is far enough along that they can move in and have the repairs completed shortly thereafter.

For Most Staging Is The Way To Go

Most NOVA buyers expect a home to be staged to perfection or complete but with no furniture. Even if you are still living in your home your real estate guide can help you to determine the most effective method of making your home look its best, while being fully functional for you and your family.

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