Whether you are moving to Northern Virginia from out of state or are in the market for a new home—one of the challenges that may arise is that your move out date may not match your move in date. Here’s how to ease your stress.

Short-Term Housing

It’s exciting when your house sells, but you may have preferred if it had sold at the beginning of the summer so that your kids can finish out the school year. Or, maybe you haven’t found your new home yet, and don’t want to commit to a full year rental lease. Or maybe the home you are having built isn’t yet finished. Not to worry, because it has never been easier to secure quality short-term housing. Sure, you could crash with friends and family, but that can be disruptive for you both. While not many landlords rent out month to month, you have plenty of other options. Choose from furnished vacation rentals, long-term stay hotels, and numerous options on Airbnb. If your stay will be more than 30 days, be sure to ask for a discount.

Storage Options

Now that you have your housing situated, you must consider what to do with your furniture, boxes, and personal belongings during the weeks or months you are in-between permanent homes. Just as with short-term storage options, long-term storage is now easier and more flexible than ever before. You can move your things into a traditional storage space for a few months, move things into portable pods to be stored at a storage facility, or anywhere you like. Pods can also be moved cross country. Depending on where you are moving from, you may also be able to utilize the convenient option of combined storage and shipping or delivery companies like MakeSpace, Boxbee, Clutter, or Fetch Storage.

Packing With Purpose

If you will be spending a few weeks or months in short-term accommodations, you must prioritize what you pack. Even if your temporary space is smaller than your former home, you must be able to function with ease. Make a must-have list for every pet and member of the family, including comfort items such as a pet bed, variety of toys, personal pampering items, and everyday essentials. Take into consideration the time of year and any possible changes in weather. Just in case, pack for at least a week or two longer than you are planning on staying—as you would rather have a little bit too much than not enough. Also, make sure the boxes you put in storage are clearly labeled and organized.

Looking For A NoVA Home?

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