With over 40% of professionals working from home at least part-time and a growing number of everyday entrepreneurs, home offices are a top priority in new real estate. Home workspaces are also increasingly popular home remodels and additions. Here’s what to consider.

Don’t Over-Personalize The Built-Ins

When remodeling, adding-on or having a new home built you must ensure your home office is customized to meet your needs—but don’t over-personalize the built-ins. If you require special features, hire a carpenter or furniture maker to build semi-permanent customizations that won’t restrict your home for the next buyer. This can be done in a manner that it looks built-in allowing the next homeowner to leave or remove as they wish.

Consider An Open Floor Plan

With the rise of the remote employee and the freedom of our mobile electronics, not everyone wants to sit at their desk all day. This has many opting for open floor plan offices complete with a seated desk, standard living room furniture, and maybe even a standing desk. In some homes, this may be a spacious secondary room or a built-in part of the overall open floor plan.

Comforts Of A Traditional Office

The open floor plan won’t work for all at-home business owners. If your workspace is a second building or you want to minimize your home distractions, build in a few comforts and features of a traditional office. This includes a half bath and an eating area. You may even want a mini kitchen with a sink, fridge, cupboards, coffee maker and microwave. While you don’t want to over-customize your built-ins, a closet of some sort is always a good investment.

Second Entrance

Depending on your business model and whether or not you will be entertaining clients you may want a second entrance. This way your clients don’t have to walk through your home to get to your workspace. This doesn’t mean your office can’t connect to your home, but maybe you have a client-only door or an exterior staircase.

Looking For A Home In NoVA With The Perfect Home Office?

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