It used to be that moving to the suburbs meant getting away from the city but the proximity to a major metropolis is precisely why Millennials are moving to second-city suburbs like Loudoun and Fairfax County.

The Best Of Both Worlds

Millennials want to maintain their city lifestyle while enjoying the perks of suburban life. Unlike their parents’ generation moving to the suburbs provides the best of both worlds. They are still close enough that commute daily or weekly is feasible but they can escape the hustle and bustle of the always-on-the-go city life.

More For Their Money

Living just 40 minutes outside of a major metropolis means you can at least double your square footage, for the same price. In addition to the increased square footage the overall cost of suburban living is less expensive. That being said, you are more likely to require at least one family vehicle when living in the suburbs.

Remote Employment

Over 40% of Millennials work remotely at least part-time, not including those who are self-employed. This means that having a comfortable at-home workspace is more important now than ever. In other words, an office that is larger and more functional than the average spare bedroom. By moving to the suburbs it is easier to find the perfect home office within your budget. This isn’t always a dedicated home office, but an attic, basement, formal dining room, sunroom, den, or even a removed building that you use for business. Millennials must not forget to ensure that their suburban home is properly zoned for a home business.

With an increase in commuters, the downtown areas of many suburban cities are growing at a rapid rate—providing an impressive selection of restaurants, local boutiques, and things to do for residents of all ages.

Ready To Move To The DC Suburbs?

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