It’s difficult to believe, but winter is almost here. As a homeowner, you must complete or outsource seasonal home maintenance that acts as a proactive approach to seasonal needs, and costly maintenance and repairs. It also helps you to maintain the property value in your home. While some items carry over from one season to the next, many are unique to the season at hand. Below are just a few items unique to your winter home maintenance checklist.

Check And Maintain Your Heating Elements

The NoVA winters get icy and cold, so now is the time to have all of your heating elements, cleaned, inspected, and repaired. This includes your HVAC, hot water heater, and wood-burning or gas fireplace. Doing this now will all but eliminate the inconvenience and chill of a last-minute repair. Now is also a great time to clean HVAC ducts, vents, and filters.

Inspect And Clean Your Gutters

As the fall leaves fall and the wind picks up—dirt, debris, and branches can find their way into your gutters. If left, this can lead to blockage that can cause costly drainage and leak concerns. To ensure your gutters are ready to filter rain and melted snow and ice away from your home, have them inspected, cleaned, repaired, and replaced where needed.

Trim Back Your Tree Branches

If you never got around to trimming your trees in the spring, now is the time. Your largest concern is trees that are no longer sound, making them a fall hazard. Also, any overgrown branches that are prone to break in winter weather, or branches too close to your roof or exterior.

Windows And Doors

Since both play a crucial role in maintaining a comfortable winter temperature, now is the perfect time to ensure there or no cracks, gaps, or damage to your windows or doors. Sometimes, new weather stripping is all you need, but you may also need to replace the frame, individual panes, or maybe even replace the window or door.

Inspect Your Insulation

Check the insulation in your basement, attic, and pipes which are prone to freezing. Replace any that needs to be, and consider adding more for energy efficiency.

Roof Inspection

Even if your roof has many good years left, it is time for a visual inspection. You are looking for any missing shingles, discolored areas, buckling, and or any places where the flashing is rusted or damaged.

A professional contractor who specializes in the areas above can complete any of these maintenance issues and repairs for you, or you can do what you know how to do yourself. For a full winter maintenance checklist, take a look at this article, and personalize to your home as needed.